Type J9 Griffon

Check in-progress here.

1/35 Scale

Dubbed “The black robot” in the Patlabor TV series, it was the highlight of the anime. Its lack of markings was characteristic of this robot as it was a secret experimental machine by Schaft Enterprise Japan. During the times it engaged the “Special Vehicle 2″ crew, its advanced performance literally left them in awe, as it took to the skies…


Please see the previous in-progress for more information. From that point onwards, I only finished up the seams and fixed the flight pose. No other modifications were made.


I wanted to keep the look of “the black robot” as much as possible. This came as a bit of a problem because of the inherent difficulty of shading black. I decided to pre-shade the model in Mr. Color’s metallic which I used in the Kampfer head.

This gave more depth to the black paint and a heavy metal look.

Red highlights were applied by the use of enamels. Care was taken to not overdo it.

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3 Responses to “Type J9 Griffon”

  1. link says:

    nice 1 there Pazu.:) jus find the red on the chest and arms a little weird.

  2. maxwinamp says:

    Excellent tip on using metallic for pre shading :) Will try it out on my projects.

    Nice finishing of the Griffon, I like overall ‘bulk’ of this kit. The MG version feld a bit ‘thin’

    My snapbuilt Griffon Flight Type still waiting on my self to be redone… for 3 years liao hahaha

  3. Pazu says:

    Thanks guys! :)

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